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UPPERCASE MAGAZINE Work/ Life Book vol. 3

I am supper excited to finally announce my spread in the new UPPERCASE Magazine's issue Work/ Life volume 3. Anyone and Everyone go pick up a copy and check out some of the coolest and best illustrators around right now. Here is a link to the UPPERCASE blog and website so check those out too!

p.s. I have only included the interview part of the book.. The painting I did for it has never before been seen so check out the mag if you want to see it.. otherwise it will be up on a website in a few weeks! Enjoy your Friday!!


Did I mention the book is sold all over the world?


Key chains and Kitties for everyone.

DSC_0010 It's a beautiful day in Brooklyn and I couldn't help but take the first pictures of the kitties I made. They are part of a series called Kitty Clops and friends. They also come with a zine, which I will upload a little preview of that later. Of corse these will be for sale on my Etsy account that is still being put together. There are also more kitties in other fun colors as well!

Thanks everyone and have a great day.








I have not posted in a while on here but I'm ready to get back into action. Im going to try and post a new art piece every couple of days.. sometimes it might just be sketches or pics of these awesome key chains that will be for sale sometime next week on . I have some really exciting things coming up so stay tuned. Love from Brooklyn.