Monster Mountain.

Daily monsters of some sort

Day 2.

Hey All!

So I know I don't have a ton of followers and people are busy with their lives and such but I was thinking it would be fun that instead of me making up stuff to draw that I like it would be cool to have people give me suggestions that way I can have practice drawing and illustrating things that I wouldn't normally think of. It's just a thought but I think it would be a blast!

Anyways here is my doodle for the day !

Hope all you people in the East like me are getting ready for the " snowmageddon " headed our way. Be safe.

-VH Image

First official collaboration.

I'm super excited to have done my first collaboration with fellow artist and friend Mikey Karpiel. His work is super awesome so when I got these sketches in the mail with a nice little piece missing for me to fill in I was one excited girl!

Here is a link to his tumblr so check it out.


It's been a crazy past few weeks but I have some free time now and with a new painting about to get started I just wanted to take a quick minute to use up some extra black tote bags. I bought some lino blocks and carved out 5 different kitty faces. So here they are ! there are 6 in total and all of them art different. enjoy. If you want one shoot me an email.






I have not posted in a while on here but I'm ready to get back into action. Im going to try and post a new art piece every couple of days.. sometimes it might just be sketches or pics of these awesome key chains that will be for sale sometime next week on . I have some really exciting things coming up so stay tuned. Love from Brooklyn.